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1. PT. Petrokimia Gresik publishes policy in which goods/services procurement activity shall be prioritised in purchasing directly from manufacturers, authorised distributors or sole agent in order to avoid those subcontracts that deliver less added values. Therefore, PT. Petrokimia Gresik shall consider the ownership of Vendor Registration Certificate(Tanda Daftar Rekanan - TDR)

2. You are advised that PT. Petrokimia Gresik uses Terms and conditions for each users. For those who accept and register to PETRO ePRO shall legally be bound by the following terms and conditions :

      a. Has fulfilled administrative condition such as :

  1. Pursuant the governmental law and regulation to run business as goods and services supplier.
  2. Owning membership, technical and managerial ability to provide goods and services.
  3. Not under justice observation, broke, and the business activity not being discontinued and/or the board of directors which acting for and on behalf of company not in experiencing crime sanction.
  4. Judicially have capacities to sign the contract.
  5. As taxpayer have fulfilled obligation of last year taxation , proved by enclosing printed copy of evidence of receipt of Annual Tax Letter (SPT), the last year income tax (PPH), and printed copy of Surat Setoran Pajak (SSP) PPH Section 29.
  6. Owning human resources, capital, equipments, and other dissimilar facility that is needed in purchasing goods and services.
  7. Not in blacklist.
  8. Owning permanent and clear address and also able to reach by post.
  9. For goods and services supplier of people conditions equal to above except number 6.

      b. Fulfilling technical conditions such as.

  1. Data of company facility owned.
  2. Data of used and available production capacities.
  3. Sum up officer and their ability.
  4. Technology and innovation.
  5. Delivery.
  6. Quality control and SOP.
  7. Other certificate (if needed).

       c. Having ability and experience in the field of effort joined with existence enlist experience of
           work and reference.

3. All client will be evaluated of pursuant to administrative and technical criteria. In this case, PETRO is entitled to do assessment and inspection directly for facility owned by client. All assessment decision done by PETRO is absolute and cannot be bothered and no obligation for PETRO to give clarification detail for decision of result of assessment.

4. PETRO have policy and entitled to specifying amount vendor in vendor list PETRO and also existence vendor in vendor list PETRO which will be evaluated routinely.

5. Letter of proffering PETRO Client candidate to become client PETRO, showing acceptance by all client for rule and conditions specified by PETRO.