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:::  About PT. Petrokimia Gresik E Procurement Application
PT. Petrokimia Gresik has now proudly opened a procurement system within an online Internet-based application. E-PROC PETROKIMIA (Electronic Procurement Online PETROKIMIA) is a business platform that improves purchasing processes with workflow-driven procurement of direct or indirect purchases.

E-PROC PETROKIMIA helps controlling the spending of direct and indirect goods and services, improves relationships with key suppliers through improved communications tracking, and it empowers personnel to make the right, quicker and better decisions to saves time and money, and leads to improved customer satisfaction.

E-PROC PETROKIMIA also helps businesses standardize the way transactions are handled and set specific work-flows. This optimizes productivity, reduce administrative costs and helps control and predict spending by giving them a measurable standard for procurement tasks.

Nowadays, administering projects electronically are being used in many business processes within organizations. Simple access and ease of use of the Internet technology are benefiting PT. Petrokimia Gresik to identify many suppliers around the world according to the products or services they are able to provide.

Currently, the business processes that is applied by PT. Petrokimia Gresik :

1. Requisition (Material Take Off, Scope of Work, Specifications)
2. Technical and Commercial Quotations
3. Evaluation and Clarification
4. Negotiation and Auction
5. Progress Reporting
6. Material Received Report

PT. Petrokimia Gresik seriously manage any expression of discontents or suggestions. We provided a trained eProcurement Complaint Team Online to service the needs and inputs : epro@petrokimia-gresik.com

Kindly send your email contained with statements related to E-PROC PETROKIMIA. Your inquiries will be straightly received and processed by our Procurement Department.

Best regards,

Vendor Management Officer
Procurement Department

PT. Petrokimia Gresik